The Pavilion Bowls Club was established by local residents in 1974 and in comparison to other clubs around, it is comparatively young and has part of its ethos, fun and a warm welcome to our members and visitors alike.

Back in the early 1930s, Oxhey, Carpenders Park and South Oxhey were areas of farmland, woodlands and orchards. During the 1930s Carpenders Park and the then Oxhey Hall / Oxhey, followed by South Oxhey estates were developed in stages by the Greater London Council. These lands were leased or bought from the Brompton family.

South Oxhey had a golf course with a pavilion in situ before it became recreational playing fields along with the establishment of a public bowling green, which was added adjacent to the existing tennis courts and crazy golf. All these facilities were enjoyed by the local residents.

Residents of the area started to use the public bowls green from around 1973 and a bowling club was founded by Mrs Rose Chamberlain. She undertook the whole project and was elected the first President, Secretary and Captain. In 1974 Pavilion Bowls Club was officially born and affiliated to the County and local bowls associations.

The green keeping equipment was housed in two small kiosks at the beginning, and then a further larger shed was added to form the Club House, with a small kitchen and dining area. This had sufficient capacity to seat club members and accommodate visiting players and guests for match hospitality. The existing two smaller kiosks were then used as the clubs male and female changing facilities including toilets as there was none at the start of the clubs inception (members and visitors were obliged prior to to this provision to use the main Pavilion toilets some distance from the club).

The Club grew in membership over the years and it was felt a new clubhouse was needed. Donations from the members and funding from the National Lottery gave the Club the opportunity. The new club house was completed in 2003 and is owned by the club members under the lease arrangements with the Brompton family. The bowling green is rented from Three Rivers Rural Council. The old wooden club house is now used for the storage of bowling equipment.

The club badge depicts the original Pavilion, the three rivers and surrounding rural area.

The Pavilion members play their matches in the colours of green and yellow.